Edmonton is delightful ~


Image preview from shoot with Marc J Chalifoux Photography in Edmonton!

Edmonton has been fantastik so far, EXPANSE FESTIVAL was a delight - receptive audiences and a great team behind it. You can find a great interview here: http://idontgetitdance.com/2015/03/15/season-2-episode-18-expanse-festival-day-4/

The same blog reviewers pull out highlights of ther festival here, HYPER_ hits the top part of the interview: http://idontgetitdance.com/2015/03/18/season-2-episode-19-expanse-festival-round-up/

Most everyday I have been in the studio working with Ainsley Hillyard - http://www.ainsleyhillyard.ca/ - on a new solo that will be performed in late 2015!