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MÆ - Motion Aftereffect Premieres!

MÆ Motion Aftereffect premieres at Prairie Theatre Exchange Oct 30th to Nov 3rd, 2019!

The latest project by international intermedia artist Freya Olafson reveals how virtual reality technology destabilizes meaning(s) of the corporeal body. MÆ - Motion Aftereffect explores motion-capture, ready-made 3D models and monologues found online, ranging from experiences with virtual reality in live gameplay to out-of-body experiences and astral projection tutorials. The work addresses the impact of emerging consumer technologies associated with AR - Augmented Reality, VR - Virtual Reality, MR - Mixed Reality, XR - Extended Reality and 360° video. Monologues sourced from the internet provide the infrastructure for the work; an in-ear monitor feeds Olafson the monologues onstage, challenging her to listen and speak simultaneously. This dual action of listening and speaking enables her to embody a state of presence that references data streaming, live processing, and gaming. As a performer she becomes a conduit, medium, or interface, broadcasting edited monologues from the internet to the audience. The action of performing the work becomes like playing a video or VR game.

more info: 60 minute work

Concept, Performance, Video & Production Freya Björg Olafson | VR Motion Capture Freya Olafson | VR Interaction Yağız Mungan | Sound Freya Olafson and Emma Hendrix | Co-presence Lise McMillan | Lighting Design, Stage Manager & Production Consultant Hugh Conacher | Costume Wanda Farian | Advisor Tedd Robinson

FUNDING / RESIDENCY / RESEARCH SUPPORT Canada Council for the Arts Manitoba Arts Council Winnipeg Arts Council CounterPulse (San Francisco) ‘Artist Residency Commissioning Program’ - generously supported by the Ken Hempel Fund for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Oregon Story Board, Eyebeam and Upfor Gallery in Portland - ‘AR/VR Artist Research Residency Pilot’ OBORO - Media Arts Residency in Montréal Prairie Theatre Exchange - Production Residency in Winnipeg Montréal Danse - 13th Annual Choreographic Workshop Research contributions from: Thomas Wester in Portland, Kathy Casey, Larry Lavender, Rachel Harris and Ellen Furey in Montreal, Yağız Mungan in San Francisco, James Phillips and Will Pappenheimer in Montréal, as well as Tedd Robinson in Ottawa



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