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Webcamera performance 'Excerpts of CPA [Consistent Partial Attention] as part of 7a11d / Trinity

7a*md8 Live Stream is the third and final stage of our multi-platform exploration of performative practices in the digital age. Artists in 7a*md8 Live Stream examine contemporary developments in the relationship between body, lens-based practices and the politics of access. This includes an interest in exploring notions of being simultaneously near and far across a range of social relations, thinking about access and location not only as a barrier, but indeed as a political choice. For artists working in performance, video-broadcasting platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Live provide an instant and accessible medium for documentation and dissemination. This allows, among other possibilities, for ongoing, cumulative performance practices that can record everyday situations at home and work spaces that have not always been accessible to a general public. Artists will present new performance works from a variety of locations across the globe live streamed at Trinity Square Video in Toronto on December 14, 2017. 7a*md8 Live Stream artists include Maryse Arseneault, Ali Asgar, Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Jef Carnay, ee portal [Elyse & Emilio Portal], Maggie Flynn, Romi Kim, Russell Louder, Freya Björg Olafson, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, Camila Salcedo, Selma Selman, and Liz Solo



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