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Press Interviews Selected 2009 - 2018



Filmed via long distance computer call: SKYPE.
more info about the festival and project: LINK

Critical text

ARCHEE - Art Médiatheuqes et Cyberculture “Not a Girl Dancing”: Gender, Spectacle and Disembodiment in the work of Loïe Fuller and Freya Olafson'  written by Hilary Bergen:  LINK

intervue Radio-Canada (En Francais)

During núna (now) Festival 


3:30 minutes



Interview Avec Le Téléjounrnal Manitoba - Radio Canada

During WNDX - Festival of Moving Images


1:22 minutes


an excerpt from HYPER_ in this interview for Icelandic National TV show ‘Andri á Flandri’


4:30 minutes



Interview during Plug In ICA Summer Institute


3:30 minutes


Interview (En Francais)

'Envisioning the Practice: Montréal International Symposium on Performing Arts Curation'  April 2014

interview RUV - Icelandic NAtional TV

During Sequences Media Arts Festival 

Reykjavík, Iceland


1:33 minutes



Interview during EMPAC - Experimental Media & Performing Arts Center REsidency


11:30 minutes


Interview CITY TV morning show

as part of WNDX - Festival of Moving Image Interviewed alongside artist Andrew Milne


3:30 minutes


Interview as part of Cluster Festival of Integrated Arts


4:30 minutes


Interview CITY TV morning show

as part of Cinematheque's 40th anniversary

2:00 minutes


Excerpt from rehearsal in process - Greece

as part of Medea Electronique Residency Project

4:00 minutes




"One of the most high-tech and visually stunning shows at the fest, this solo multimedia dance piece from Freya Björg Olafson explores how new biomedical visualization techniques affect our understanding of human bodies.


Beginning by alternating between slow, deliberate movement pieces, and funny CGI projections, the show transforms about halfway through when the audience is prompted to don special 3D chromadepth glasses that, along with a live video loop and projection system, create the effect of Olafson dancing with giant holographic duplicates of herself.


The breathtaking result leads to a journey through layers of the body: a muscle suit brings Vesalius’s famous anatomical illustrations to life, a black-light skeleton suit creates a living X-ray, and a ribbon routine suggests the structures of tiny proteins.


Anyone interested in the intersection of art, science, and technology should check this out, stat. "

SummerWorks Review: HYPER_

by Jordan Bimm, August 10, 2015

Now Magazine, Toronto



"It was a dance which used all these facets to produce a trippy expansion of our periphery. The colours were wild and the movements were full of conviction and strength. You know you’re in for a hell of an experience when you’re handed 3D glasses upon entry."

Posted by Samira


"Freya Olafson’s HYPER_was the most visually arresting production of the festival, with the scrim and 3D glasses adding an uncanny aura to her dancing, even without the duplicating images projected for the show’s climax."

Ten Things we Loved About SummerWorks 2015

by Steve Fisher

August 18, 2015 Torontoist


"I found this exploration (and dissection) of the body’s physique at times funny, sometimes absurd, at time erotic, and always mesmerizing. "

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