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Video: Freya Olafson

Dancer: Matthew Waldie

Choreographer: Freya Olafson

Music: Ghostigital

3:00 minutes

Completed December 2012

The word 'hyper' is derived from the Greek 'above, beyond or outside’. In mathematics, hyper is used as a prefix, to denote four or more dimensions. Specifically, this work explores the possibility of passing to a fourth dimension wherein perception of past, present, and future becomes more fluid. This video was created in residency at Studio 303 Interdisciplinary Performance Center in Montreal on dance artist Matthew Waldie.

The HYPER_ series began at Studio 303 (Montreal) during a month long residency in June 2010, since then work has been developed in residency at Latitude 53 – Center for Visual Culture (Edmonton). Upcoming in July 2012 the series will benefit from a residency at EMPAC – Experimental Media & Performing Art Center (Troy, New York).

Screening History:

2016   Gallery 1C03 - University of Winnipeg 'Moving Images' curated by Jennifer Gibson

2013   16th Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, BC

2012   Adhere & Deny Theatre Company | Circus of Objects, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2011   Video Pool Media Arts Center | Arts Birthday, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Contact Freya for the password to view the work online



The development of this series is generously supported by the Canada Council for The Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, The Winnipeg Arts Council and Video Pool Media Arts Center.

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