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Above | Beyond | Outside

part of the HYPER_ series    

Video | performance: Freya Olafson

Music: Davíð Þór Jónsson

HD video | 3m30s


Installation or screening




‘Above | Beyond | Outside’ exploits the dimensionality of the physical body, reducing the corps to line. The video attempts to “erase and expose, deny and assert the body” (1) while questioning the nature of the relationship between light and perception. The performers physique is dissected and transformed, disappearing and merging with the screen. Layered and colorful, almost as though animated, the body becomes a dreamscape. ‘Above | Beyond | Outside’ deploys an intriguing combination of body paint and UV lights to create a new corps.

1 - Kendra Ballingall, Critical Response to AVATAR, Mentoring Artist for Women’s Art, 2010.


Screening History:

2016   Canada Dance Festival - Ottawa

2015   Expanse Festival - Edmonton

2015   SummerWorks - Toronto

2014   WNDX - Festival of Moving Image, Winnipeg

2014   16th Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, BC

2014   no_land Festival Audiovisual Itinerante, Brazil

2013   DESTERRO Video Dance Exhibition, Brazil

2012   Adhere & Deny Theatre Company | Circus of Objects, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2011   Video Pool Media Arts Center |Platform Center for Photographic & Digital Arts, Winnipeg


Contact Freya for the password to view the work online


Available on BLU RAY or digital file


The development of this work was generously supported by the Canada Council for The Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, The Winnipeg Arts Council and Video Pool Media Arts Center. Shot while in residency at EMPAC - Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (Troy, NY) 


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