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PAinting With the Man

part of the MAE- Motion Aftereffect series    

Video | Motion Capture | Performance:
Freya Björg Olafson

Music: Mister Wallace

HD video | 3m37s


Installation or screening




‘Painting with the Man’ was developed through the use of a camera-less motion capture suit worn by Freya Olafson. The work references Yves Klien’s Anthropométries 1960 series; wherein Klein engaged nude women as 'human paint brushes'. Dressed in bow-tie and suit Klein would conduct the women as they covered themselves (in his patented color ‘International Klein Blue’) and made imprints of their bodies on canvas. In ‘Painting with the Man’ Olafson uses a digital readymade generic male 3D body to imprint the canvas / screen.


Contact Freya for the password to view the work online


Freya acknowledges the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council, Thomas Wester and the AR/VR Artist Research Residency Pilot organized by Oregon Story Board, Eyebeam and Upfor Gallery in the creation of this work.

Screening History

2020   Boreal Festival - Akureyri, Iceland

2019    27th Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival exhibition Sept 21 to Oct 13 - Portugal
2019    Physical Cinema Festival - Reykjavík, Iceland
2019    Seyr Festival - International Festival of Screen-Movement and Media Arts - Tehran, Iran (date TBD)
2018    7. International Dancefilmfestival Brussels - Belgium

2018    21st Annual Antimatter [Media Art] Festival - Victoria, British Colombia
2018    Videomedeja Festival Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina screening - Novi Sad, Serbia
2018    LINOLUEM Contemporary Animation and Media Arts Festival screening - Kiev, Ukraine

2018    GIV - Groupe Intervention Vidéo ‘27e Vidéos De Femmes Dans Le Parc’ screening - Montréal, Qc
2018    Dunlop Art Gallery ‘URL:IRL’  curated by Blair Fornwald, Jennifer Matotek, and Wendy Peart - exhibition Regina 

2018    Mile Zero Dance 'Reeling: Dance On Screen' - Edmonton
2017    Moving Bodies Festival ‘Painting With The Man’ screening - Varna, Bulgaria
2017    WUFF - Winnipeg Underground Film Festival ‘ Painting With The Man’ - exhibition at Poolside Gallery - Wpg, Mb
2017    ForthWith Festival for Experimental Art & Technology ‘Painting With The Man’ - exhibition Winnipeg, Manitoba

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