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Brief Encounters & Sustained Engagement


"...deliberate, articulate, absurd"  Sandee Moore, Border Crossings Magazine

Audio, video, performance: Freya Bjorg Olafson


Screening duration: 10:00 mins


Gallery Installation duration 16:00mins

Played on a laptop placed on a plinth, ideally under a plexiglass box


format available:

Digital file - DVD (NTSC or PAL)


Completed January 2012


The video below is documentation from the performance at Platform Center for Photographic & Digital Arts in 2010 

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Brief Encounters & Sustained Engagement is part of Freya’s AVATAR series exploring methods of creating, validating and disseminating one’s identity through the use of technology and the Internet. The series is inspired by the mantra “I post therefore I am”, whereby Internet users legitimize their existence by documenting their lives and uploading this media to personal webpages and blogs. The work in this series facilitates an inquiry into our desire to share and publicize our lives.


Originally, Presented at Platform Center for Photographic and Digital Arts as part of a group show with Michael Dudeck and Leah Decter. The exhibition entitled Ritualiz'd was curated by J.J. Kegan McFadden.


"...alluring & repellant"  Sandee Moore, Border Crossings Magazine



Screening History:


2010   Platform Center for Photographic & Digital Arts 'Ritualiz’d' - live performance / visual exhibition                curated by J.J. Kegan McFadden, Wpg.


2010   Tangente - Laboratoire de Mouvement Contemporains - screening - Montreal, Quebec


2011   Latitude 53 - Center for Visual Culture| FOMD Laboratory – Embodied Projections, two person               exhibition with Margaret Dragu, Edmonton, Alberta


2012    AKA (Saskatoon) & Modern Fuel (Kingston) - screening -  Saskatchewan / Ontario


2012    WNDX- Experimental Film Festival  - screening -  Wpg, Manitoba






J.J. Kegan McFadden curated the online interactions by operating the keyboard and mouse as Freya performed at Platform Center for Photographic and Digital Arts as part of  the exhibition 'Ritualiz’d '

Performance stills seen below:


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